Shocking Arrest of 27 Year Old at Airport

The man was on his way to Bangkok, Thailand on flight DL9045 with Delta Airlines.

The airport security became aware of the man’s suspicious behaviour and alerted the police.
After they searched him they discovered the man had covered himself in bank notes from tip to toe.

He was immediately charged with counts of smuggling and money laundering but it was quickly discovered that the suspect, Luke Wilson was totally innocent.

The man did not want to disclose how and where he obtained this amount of money however he eventually admitted after the officials intimidated him.
He admitted that he did not know he was not allowed to carry so much cash on him when boarding a flight.
This was the first time he boarded a plane and ultimately the cash was his.

How he obtained the money was perfectly legal!
He received a minor fine because he did not register the money and of course had missed his flight.

That being said, he is now incredibly happy.
Luke received all his cash back and will be moving abroad…
This time the correct way!


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